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Hong Kong, you can hang your hat in modest guesthouses, youth hostels, palatial hotels, chic boutiques, and mid-range comfort – in the heart of the city or away from it all. With over 72,000 rooms in over 200 hotels, you’re sure to find the perfect place for you (and your hat).

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One of the joys of visiting Hong Kong is staying in one of the city’s hotels, which include historic and world-famous venues, major international chains, and local brands. Most hotels are concentrated on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon. Many offer a commanding harbor vista (but you can expect to pay more for a room with a sea view). In recent years, there have been more hotels opening in the New Territories and Outlying Islands, some of which offer a resort-type experience.

Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Visitor Accommodation Scheme

The QTS Scheme makes it easy for you to find a budget accommodation that you can trust. Under the scheme administered by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, QTS Scheme-accredited visitor accommodation providers must pass stringent assessments each year to ensure that the highest possible service standards are maintained.