BIOHK2020 一对一商机洽谈计划帮助您寻找商机

BIOHK2020 One2One Partnering Program helps you to find the business opportunities


我们很高兴地宣布BIOHK2020 「一对一商机洽谈计」现已推出! 通过我们的系统,您可以轻松找到潜在的投资者和合作伙伴,并在BIOHK2020会议期间进行面谈。 立即与潜在的合作伙伴和投资者联系和扩大您的业务吧!

We are pleased to announce that BIOHK2020 One2One Partnering Program is available now! Through our  system, you are easy to find the potential investors and partners, and appoint the meeting during BIOHK2020. Let's start  to connect with the prospective partners and investors to expand yours business! 


BIOHK2020 「一对一商机洽谈计」:


  • 与潜在的合作伙伴和投资者进行一对一面谈
  • 与业界从业人员、学者、知名生物制药公司和教育机构建立联系的机会
  • 定位潜在合作伙伴——投资者、分析师、合伙人
  • 与领先的生物技术公司建立珍贵的伙伴关系
  • 与企业高层会面交流
  • 在广泛的市场中寻找和建立有希望的伙伴关系
  • 投资者向技术发明者提供商业建议的机会
  • 探索香港成为您下一个商业和创业基地

BIOHK2020 One2One Partnering Program:

  • 1 on 1 meeting with the target customers and partners
  • Networking opportunity with the industry practitioners, academicians, delegates from reputable biopharma firms and educational institutions
  • Connect with prospective partners: investors, analysts or partnering companies to fuel your next big breakthrough
  • Form valuable partnerships with leading biotech firms
  • Meet and greet with high-level executives
  • Build promising partnerships in a wide spectrum of marketplace


我们预计将有7,000多位访客和150位演讲嘉宾参加会议和主题演讲。 我们很高兴地通知您,所有参展商和会议参与者均可免费注册BIOHK2020 一对一商机洽谈计划。 千萬不要错过扩展业务的机会!

We expect over 7,000 visitors and 150 guest speakers to attend theconference and keynote lectures. We are glad to let you know that all the exhibitors and conference attendees are free to register BIOHK2020 One2One Partnering Program. Don't miss the chance to seize the opportunity to expand your business!

展览会行程 Convention Schedule


展覽會       |       學術演講及項目交流會       |      一對一商機洽談


BIOHK2020 comprises of three parts

Exhibition    |    Conference and Pitch Sessions    |    One2One Partnering


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Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO), established in 2010 by reputable industry and esteemed academic representatives, is a non-profit organization which strives to continuously promote Hong Kong as the biotech hub of Asia. HKBIO has organized and sponsored several successful events in the past that highlighted the substantial potential of Hong Kong Biotechnology.


BayHelix is an organization of leaders of Chinese heritage in the global life sciences and healthcare community. The organization aspires to shape the growth of the life sciences and healthcare industry around the Pacific Rim and beyond, foster and create business opportunities, supply and nurture the leaders for the community, and network and share information and experience. 
百百华协会是一个全球生命科技和医疗健康产业领域的华人精英组织。百华协会致力于在中美亚太地区促进生命科技和医疗健康产业的成长壮大, 不断酝酿创造商机,提供培养业界领导人才,协助会员交流分享资讯和经验。4

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