BIOHK2021 Invitation 邀请函

BIOHK2021, an international biotechnology convention, organized by the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organisation, The BayHelix Group and Ausvic Capital is inviting you to be our guests!
As countries around the world battle with the fallout from COVID-19, developments in biotechnology have become the centre of media attention. From rapid detection methods to vaccine development and treatment devices, the development of biotechnology has become increasingly inseparable from daily life. Research in the field of biotechnology and science are undergoing changes at an exponential rate, and areas that need to be discussed include the most current and recent developments in research as well as the future trends. 
To address this, the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organisation, The BayHelix Group, and Ausvic Capital have organized BIOHK2021 to provide a platform for scientific research institutions, schools and enterprises from all over the world to showcase, exchange, and witness the latest research technology, innovations and progress. 
BIOHK2021 invites everyone with ties to biotechnology to participate in this event. Exhibits include some of the following:


那么,哪些行业适合参加我们的香港国际生物科技展呢? 香港国际生物科技展诚邀生物科技领域行业参加此次盛会,届时展出项目包括但不限于以下内容:

Why might BIOHK2021 interest your company?
Research Institutions and Academia: exchange the latest academic findings; understand industry needs and find direction for scientific research
Businesses: promote your latest products and services; connect with advanced research institutions to transform and commercialise research achievements
Investors: understand future trends in the field of biotechnology; connect with advanced R&D companies.
Science Parks and Incubators: promote parks and services; attract high-tech companies
BIOHK2021 will deliver a world-class platform for quality exchanges and collaborations.
Preparations for BIOHK2021 began in early 2019 and it has since weathered through a social unrest and a global pandemic. Though it has twice been postponed, first from January to May then to August 2020, we believe it has only made the convention better than ever, with more speakers and more supporting organisations. Although the COVID-19 situation has eased in China, global travel restrictions and concerns remain. The government’s decision to extend the mandatory quarantine restriction for overseas arrivals until 18 September 2020 has made it difficult for our overseas and mainland Chinese exhibitors and participants to visit Hong Kong in August. 
As such, in light of the situation and after careful consideration, to ensure business opportunities can be made in a safe and stable environment, we have decided to move the exhibition date to the first quarter of 2021. We will work tirelessly to ensure that a safe, world-class face-to-face convention will be delivered, as this will also be one of the first large-scale international biotechnology conventions in Asia after the pandemic. 


Hong Kong as an International Biotechnology Hub
With the implementation of the national security law, the situation in Hong Kong will likely stabilise in 2021. This will enable business opportunities to be found in a politically stable and safe environment, reviving international trade and cooperation. BIOHK2021 will continue to strive to become Asia's biggest and most recognisable biotechnology convention, establishing Hong Kong’s position as the third largest biotechnology innovation centre in the world after the US and EU. With its global reach, diversity, and reputation as the place where East meets West, let the free port of Hong Kong be the place that connects China to the world, and where new collaborations are made.
BIOHK2021 is backed by industry leaders and highly reputable parties, including professional organizing committees, sponsors, co-organizers, supporting organisations, international partners, media partners, etc.

Participant Format
Exhibition: Booths of different sizes can be selected to display your company's products or services – the best opportunity to promote your brand.
Conference: Discuss the hottest topics with industry leaders from around the world.
Partners / sponsorships: Become a sponsor and receive more information


Cancellation and Refund Policy
A full refund will be provided if the convention is further postponed due to COVID-19 or other unforeseen circumstances that may arise in Hong Kong. For details please visit or follow our social media pages. 
Contact Us
We continue to welcome new supporting organisations and media partners to further build this convention. Interested parties can contact us using the contact information below:
Telephone: +852 2799 7688 | Fax: +852 2111 9762 | Email:







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