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As Hong Kong’s first large scale international biotechnology convention, BIOHK2021 is about more than just biotechnology, but a celebration of Hong Kong’s achievements in technology and innovation. As such we are proud to partner with several of Hong Kong’s leading designers in fashion, jewellery and more to showcase Hong Kong as more than Asia’s financial hub, but a place of ingenuity and creativity. Here are a few of the designers that will represent Hong Kong in our convention.


William Tang

One of the most prominent fashion designers in Hong Kong, William Tang has made his mark for over 35 years. “I just design to please myself” he once answered when asked what makes his business successful, Tang’s designs are original and ever-changing. An indigenous New Territories inhabitant, he has long incorporated elements of his surroundings into his designs, whether its illustrations inspired by the late Tsang Tsou Choi, the ‘King of Kowloon’, or ‘peasant clothes’ inspired by his village past made with silk and cashmere. his work often goes above and beyond, exploring a diverse range of concepts and ideas, much like what BIOHK2021 aims to deliver. 
William Tang has also hosted shows on ‘Phoenix Television’, ‘ISunTV’, ‘ATV’, ‘TVB’, ‘Metro Broadcast’ and more, and is a regular columnist in various newspapers and magazines such as ‘The Sun’, ‘Vogue’, and ‘Wen Wei Po’.


邓达智还在“凤凰电视”,“ 阳光电视”,“ 亚洲电视”,“无线电视”,“新城电台”等电视台主持节目,并经常在报纸和杂志上担任专栏作家,例如“太阳报”,“时尚杂志” ”和“文汇报”。

Gigi Cheng

A legendary figure in the jewellery design industry, Gigi Cheng is renowned for her unique style, artistry and exquisite craftsmanship. Often incorporating elements of nature into her designs, her use of flowers, combination of colours have won her a strong following over the years. 

Both a designer and an entrepreneur, Gigi introduced her own brand ‘G-Link’ in 2009 to enter the fast growing Mainland China market. Characterised as young and vivid, G-Link’s designs have been featured in popular TV shows in China such as “The Legend of Qin”.

A vice chairman at the Federation of Hong Kong Brands, Gigi is a proud advocate of Hong Kong as a brand. She was once invited to partner with an Italian firm, but eventually decided to develop her own brand here due to her optimism in
Hong Kong's jewelry industry.


除了是一位著名的珠宝设计师,郑陈曼芝也是一位出色的企业家,在2009年推出了自己的品牌「G-Link」,并成功进军增长迅速的内地市场。 G-Link的设计主打年轻和活泼,多次内地的热门电视节目中出现,包括“秦时明月”。

Elaine Young

Taking the creation of biocultural perspectives on the human condition as her responsibility, Elaine Young draws on the origin of the biological world for inspiration in her designs. She is a member of the NEW MUSEUM's cultural incubator NEW INC, GENSPACE and founder of the @LAByrinthPROJECT – a fashion brand inspired by biotechnology and science-fiction.
Elaine founded LAByrinth as a way of reminding people of the things they cannot see for reasons of time, scale, perspective, and external or biological limitations. One of LAByrinth’s original designs include the @amulaDNA – a collection of lockets personalized with DNA from any person, pet or plant. A necklace from this collection featuring DNA from a bauhinia flower will be available during our convention.


著名时装设计师杨绮铃以生物文化观点的创造者和倡导者为己任,视生物世界的本源为她的设计灵感;她是NEW MUSEUM文化孵化计画NEW INC,GENSPACE的成员,也是@LAByrinthPROJECT的创始人-一个生物科技时尚品牌,致力于讨论发明精神、技术及其应用的理论与现实之间的差别,尤其讨论与生物科技相关的问题以及人类对非生命体衍生与相关技术应用的感受。
杨绮铃创立LAByrinth是为了提醒人们因时间,规模,视角以及外部或生物学限制而看不见的事物。 LAByrinth的产品系列包括 AMULA DNA 首饰,这是一个以 DNA 为重心,保存想要的人、宠物或植物的DNA的项链。该系列的DNA项链将出现在我们的会议中。

Exclusive Items 独家禮品

Limited edition merchandise designed by the 3 designers will be available during the convention for BIOHK2021 attendees to admire or purchase. Follow us to get more details and the latest updates!

由三位设计师设计的限量版商品将在大会期间提供,供香港国际生物科技展与会者欣赏或购买。 关注我们以获取更多详情和最新消息!

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