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Koln3D is the first medical-use 3D printing company in Hong Kong. Our company helps doctors to create a new method of treatments and rebuild a new lives for patients through medical cooperation, innovative technology, and flexible customization. In 2016, Koln3D has the honour to 3D print the first metal implant device which has been implanted in a patient in Hong Kong.
Up to today, Koln3D has already owned 6 granted patents. Also, Koln3D gains more than 10 international awards. Including the 47th Geneva International Invention Exhibition, China Delegation Excellence Award and Judging Special Award Gold Award, China International Invention Exhibition 2018 Hong Kong Industrial Award: Certificate of Excellence in Equipment and Mechanical Design.

科能三维作為醫療金屬 3D 打印領航者,通過醫工合作、創新科技、靈活定制,助醫生創立新診治、為患者建構新生活。科能三维技術(醫療)有限公司作為香港首家金屬3D 打印植入物供應商,率先於2016 年為傷者研究並打印出香港第一個金屬醫療植入物,成為香港第一個相關臨床案例。科能三维發展的技術自今獲得 6 項注册專利,研發成果在 SCI 期刊發表。近年屢獲國内外超過10 項發明及創業獎項嘉許。

Website 網站: https://medical.koln3d-tech.com/